General Construction

Decks, Pergolas and Fences

Custom Interior Builds

Office Repair and Renovation

Home Repairs and General Maintenance.
Good design brings continuity, function, and beauty to your living or workspace.

This is true whether it ís a 500 sq. ft. residential project or a large scale commercial endeavor.  

We proudly incorporate a wide variety of natural elements when creating inviting indoor and

outdoor spaces for our clients.  
Concrete flooring is perfect in almost any setting. Its endless design options, versatility, custom

color choices, and ability to match any style make it an ideal decorative choice. Decorative

concrete's high durability and low maintenance costs make it extremely economical in commercial

and industrial settings.

Integrally Colored 




Exposed Aggregate

Ground, Dyed, and Polished

Ground and Sealed


At FP3, we capture what nature spent thousands of years making and 

use it to transform your spaces into unforgettable places. 

Quality without compromise.

When we take on any project, it will be completed by a highly-trained team of FP3 craftsmen. We pay attention to even the smallest detail so that the result is as close to perfection as it can be. We don't just pour concrete. We pour art. 

So, choose FP3 for your next project and you can be sure that the finished job will be done on time, on budget, and of the quality craftsmanship we've built our reputation on.

All of our services come with our outstanding customer support, including:
Design Planning
Finish & Material Selection
Turnkey Project Installation
End-to-end Project Management